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Japanese Calligraphy Class (individual class) Aug 3

  • 3 Aug 2020
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online


Registration is closed

Practice the elegant art of Japanese Calligraphy or Shodo 書道: "the way of writing" across five sessions lead by Ms. Satomi China, the head of he Japan Calligraphy Washington DC West branch. 

Shodo Katakana 2: katakana puzzle assembly and writing your name.

This second 5-class course builds on the first by introducing more katakana (as they appear in the textbook Genki II ) and will culminate in students being able to write their own names using Japanese calligraphy. It will also introduce the hiragana used in Japanese tea ceremony: 「こ」「い」「の」「ゆ」

Instructor: Ms. Satomi China

Satomi Shoko China started learning calligraphy at age four. Currently, she is the head of the Japan Calligraphy Washington DC West branch. Previously, she studied under Suichiku Emura, a designated national heritage calligraphy artist. In 1989 she received her pen name “Shoko (brilliant light)” from Harada Kanpou, the founder of Nihon Shuji. She began practicing her art in the Kanpou hall in NYC from 1996, and proposed an “opera calligraphy performance” through art therapy and music therapy. In addition to the Soho Puffin Gallery and NY Orensanz Museum, she guest appeared in numerous art shows in Japan and the US and received favourable reviews. She is currently concentrating her efforts on raising the next generation of artists and promulgating artistic cultural technique.

Since this class will be held online, registrants are asked to prepare their own brushes, ink, and paper.

JASWDC typically purchases supplies for the class from Plaza Art. Calligraphy kits are also available online at a variety of price points through sites like Amazon, and while some suggested kits are listed below, JASWDC has never purchased them before and cannot vouch for their quality. If you would prefer not to purchase all the traditional equipment but would still like to take the class, a pen brush and sketchbook are perfectly acceptable supplies to use. China-sensei can help you improve your calligraphy skills, regardless of which supplies you use!

Plaza Art Supplies:

Amazon Sets:

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